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Gya-Toruzu: The First Cavmen 1

Gya-Toruzu: The First Cavmen 1

Author:Shunji Sonoyama

Gya-Toruzu is considered one of the funniest and most popular comics in Japan. Consistently ranked as one of the best comics of all time, Gya Toruzu combines ridiculous humor with quirky yet charming characters that will allow you to get in touch with the primal cave-man/woman inside of you. Gyatoruzu is a comic intended for adults and contains adult themes and humor that might not be suitable for young readers. This is the first full episode of the classic Gya Toruzu series.

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General Information
Release Date June 29, 2010 Price $ 3.99
Platform ebook Category Manga
Publisher IE Institute Inc. Language English
Content/Production partner Pages 99
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